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Bassoon Wing and Boot Joint Swab - Kölbl

HKD $ 330

Bassoon Gig Bags - Roko

HKD $ 3,500


Professional Bassoon reed

HKD $ 220/each



Bassoon Wing Joint Swab - Kölbl

HKD $ 120


Bassoon Harness - Kölbl

Bassoon harness with nylon straps and metal hook
Colour: Black or White
Size: Small, Medium and Large

HKD $ 270

Bassoon Boot Joint Swab - Kölbl
HKD $ 140



Bassoon Crook Cleaning Brush - Kölbl

HKD $110

Bassoon stand K&M (Made in Germany)
HKD $ 1,500

Brand-new and 2nd hand Bassoons

Moosman, Schreiber, Amati

Please call for price

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