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Hong Kong Bassoon Academy 

Official Moosmann Brand Representatives in Hong Kong

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Promise of quality

Instrument-making is probably the craft in which tradition and modern technology enter into their most fertile relationship. It is in Bernd Moosmanns` workshop, in Waiblingen, where the harmonious and lively amalgamation of these two elements is mastered to perfection.Mature mountain maple wood is worked in the traditional manner and fitted with the titanium – coated metal bocal, itself the result of a complex process. This yields bassoons whose timbre elicits the approval of even the staunchest traditionalists.The mountain maple wood, from which Moosmann bassoons are made, comes exclusively from Bosnia, where the climatic conditions make the wood extremely dense. The annual rings are tightly packed – ideal for the sustained, warm bassoon sound to which our customers attach so much importance. The models 92/96/100 are made of smooth Bosnian mountain maple and the models 150/200/222 use selected flamed curly mountain maple.


* Bassoon No. 96

with elongated keys, for small hands

Bassoon No. 100

Student Model

* Student Bassoon No. 111

Compact version, 4-piece model

* Bassoon No. 150

Orchestra Model

* Bassoon No. 200

Soloist Model

* Bassoon No. 222


* Bassoon No. 222-E

Innovation by modifying the keywork and bore-design 

* Bassoon No. 222-CL

Innovation by modyfying the keywork and bor design

* Bassoon No. 222-SC

Innovation by modyfying the keywork and bor design

*** Please see the introduction video bellow for each model discription ***


Successful apprenticeship for trainees

Bernd Moosmann learned and studied the trade in his fathers` workshop, and has been passing on his knowledge and experience in building bassoons and clarinets for several decades. Many of his trainees have obtained distinctions at “Leistungswettbewerb der Deutschen Handwerksjugend”, three of them received the award for national champion in the category of “manufacturing woodwind instruments”. His daughter Tanja also undertook her apprenticeship in his workshop and has been working since 2006 as an instrument maker in the family business.


To purchase and assistance please contact us:

Hong Kong Bassoon Academy

Room A, 7/F Guangdong Tour Centre,18 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay.

Hong Kong

Inquiries and enrollment call Register and Enquiry:

97313388 (Ms. Yeung) / 91711622 (Mr. Bao)

Moosmann Bassoon No.222E
Moosmann Bassoon No.222
Moosmann Bassoon No.200
Moosmann Bassoon No.150
Moosmann Bassoon No.111
Moosmann Bassoon No.100
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