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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bassoon Academy Room A, 7/F Guangdong Tour Centre,18 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay,

Inquiries and enrollment call Register and Enquiry:

97313388 (Ms. Yeung) / 91711622 (Mr. Bao)



Hong Kong Bassoon Academy was established in September 2010. Our aim is to enhance the public’s interest to learn and to appreciate art through music.


The experience in learning art not only develops ones character, but will also  enrich us by developing the senses of appreciation in our living environments in an artistic level. Music training can build up our confidences.Promoting this extraordinary orchestral instrument- Bassoon, is one of our specialties at our Academy.Bassoon is a woodwind musical instrument from the double reed family. It plays the bass and tenor register. Music written for bassoon stated as early as the baroque period until present times. Bassoon's special tone colour, wide register range and its variety of characters are in favor of orchestras and chamber music ensembles. Also bassoon has many of its very own solo repertories.

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